2017 Staff

staff.masada.jpgDirector: Dr Guy Stiebel (Tel Aviv University)

Administrator: Alexandra Wrathall (Tel Aviv University)

Photographer: Sasha Flit (Tel Aviv University)

Surveyor: Joshua Errington (Macquarie University)

Masada Road and Siege Mapping Project (MRSMP): Dr. Hai Ashkenazi and Omer Ze’evi (Tel Aviv University)

Registrar: Shira Ben Shahar (Tel Aviv University)

Area Supervisors:

Area A: Ayala Zilberstein (Tel Aviv University)

Area B: Boaz Gross (Tel Aviv University)

Area D: Naama Walzer (Tel Aviv University)

Deputy Area Supervisors:

Alexandra Wrathall (Tel Aviv University)

Omer Ze’evi (Tel Aviv University)

Field Assistants:

Yana Kirilov (Tel Aviv University)

Yuval Hai (Tel Aviv University)

Israel Nature and Parks Authority 

The successful execution, and continued exploration of Masada would not be possible without the continued work and support of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Responsible for protecting and preserving nature and park reserves across Israel, the team at Masada are invaluable to our efforts.

To learn more about the Nature and Parks Authority, head to www.parks.org.il/sites/english/Pages/default.aspx.